System Sounds - Download & Answering machine


Star Trek: Female comp-voice:
Files accessed.

Female comp-voice:
Transfer updata is complete.

Starship Troopers - female comp-voice:
Your transmission has been terminated.

Male comp-voice:
You have an incoming transmission.

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear - Soldier:
Files downloaded.

Answering machine

Pulp Fiction:
Amanda Plummer-imitator: I love you pumpkin.
Tim Roth-imitator: I love you hunnybunny. Alright everyone be cool, this is an answering machine.
Amanda Plummer-imitator: Any of you hang-up without leaving a message and I'll execute every last one of ya!

Pulp Fiction:
Whose voice-mail is this?
It's not a voice-mail, baby. It's an answering machine.
Whose answering machine is this?
Who's Zed?
Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

Pulp Fiction:
Jody (Rosanna Arquette): I though you told those f*cking assholes never to call here this late!
Lance (Eric Stoltz): Yeah, I told them and that's exactly what I'm gonna tell this f*cking asshole right now.

Ren & Stimpy:
Stimpy (Billy West): Happy happy joy joy! This is Stimpson J. Cat.
Ren (Billy West): And this is Ren Hoek of the Ren & Stimpy Show!
Stimpy (Billy West): Please leave your name and your message at the tone.
Ren (Billy West): Listen to the tone, you eediot.

Monty Python - Eric Idle:
Hi, you've reached the alzheimers research.. um..a..laboratory no..a..the borrom, the bottomy! No, um..anyway the place-thingie, where we study...umm..what was it? Anyway, if you wish to leave a...uh gosh what was it? Umm, a..m..minosha..what? No, if you wish to leave a...oh, please speak after the..a..the..the um..the the THE BEEP!

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