Miscellaneous Sounds


Announcer announces:
Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States.

The Firesign Theater - Album: "Waiting For The Electrician (Or Someone Like Him)" - Track: "Temporary Humbolt County" - Voice: Trevor Lennon(?):
Take off your clothes and come on in!

Fishbone - Lyin' Ass Bitch:
Lyin' piece of sack of shit! Slut, trashcan, scumest dirtbag... Bitch!!!

Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Side one of album "Welcome to The Pleasuredome" - Holly Johnson: Welcome!

Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys):
Hey baby, you've got mail.

Voice Over (Unknown):
Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised

Voice Over (Unknown):
The following program is intended for mature audiences.

Voice Over (unknown):
Due to mature adult content, parental discretion is advised.

Voice Over (HBO announcer):
The following is rated R. It contains violence, adult language, nudity and adult content.

Voice Over (Eric Idle):
The BBC would like to announce that the next scene is not considered suitable for family viewing. It contains scenes of violence, involving people's heads and arms getting chopped off, their ears nailed to trees, and their toenails pulled out in slow motion. There are also scenes of naked women with floppy breasts.

Shania Twain sings:
I'm out of here.

Computer/video games

Earthworm Jim (Dan Castellaneta):
What do you mean invalid parameters!? 9000 gigs of RAM and it can't even answer a simple question!

We'll catch you next time.

Leisure Suite Larry 7: Love for Sail - Larry (Jan Rabson):
Phow, was that you or did something die in here?

Mario 64 (Charles Martinet):
*Pling* It's me, Mario.

Shut down sequence initiated - shutting down.

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear - Soldier:
Files downloaded.

Space Quest:
Something is wrong.

Warcraft II - Death Knight:
I am at your service, human.

Warcraft II - Death Knight:
I'm alive.

Warcraft II - Death Knight:

Mixed/edited wavs

Conan the barbarian meets Batman. - Download/Listen

Conan the barbarian meets Forrest Gump. - Download/Listen

Conan the barbarian meets Eddie Murphy. - Download/Listen

Conan the barbarian meets Pinhead. - Download/Listen

What president John F. Kennedy actually meant. - Download/Listen

More f*cks than you have ever heard in a row. - Download/Listen

More motherf*ckers you have ever heard in a row. - Download/Listen

More sh*ts than you have ever heard in a row. - Download/Listen

Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey) from Full Metal Jacket meets Ace Ventura. - Download/Listen

Sergeant Hartman meets The Dude from The Big Lebowski. - Download/Listen

Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction "accidentally" shoots Marvin in the face:
Version 1. - Download/Listen
Version 2. - Download/Listen
Version 3. - Download/Listen


Thanks to Robert for making and donating the wavs below.

Broken Arrow/Pulp Fiction
Broken Fiction - Nuclear accident - Vincent accidentally sets off a nuclear warhead and Jules ain't too happy about it.

Broken Arrow/Pulp Fiction
Broken Fiction - Nuclear mushroom - Vincent and Jules are both about to explode.

Primary Colors/Pulp Fiction
Primary Fiction - Outrageous piss - Governor Jack Stanton is going to do something really outrageous

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