Joe Pesci Movie Sounds

Real name: Joseph Pesci
Born: 9 February 1943, Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Pesci as:
Nicky Santoro in Casino (1995)
Tommy DeVito in Goodfellas (1990)
Joey La Motta in Raging Bull (1980)


If you don't have my money for me I'll crack your f*cking head wide open in front of everybody in the bank. And just about the time that I'm coming out of jail, hopefully, you'll be coming out of your coma. And guess what? I'll split your f*cking head open again, 'cause I'm f*cking stupid. I don't give a f*ck about jail, that's my business, that's what I do.

Get this through your head you Jew motherf*cker, you! You only exist out here because of me!

Don't be such a f*cking smartass, will ya!? I mean, I've known the f*cking guy 35 years and I'm gonna f*cking whack him for you!!?

You gotta have the hole already dug before you show up with a package in your trunk, otherwise your talking about half hour or 45 minutes of diggin' and who knows who's gonna be coming along in that time. Before you know it, you gotta dig a few more holes, you can be there all f*cking night.

You took your boots off, you put your feet on the table? You shit-kicking, stinky horse manure smelling motherf*cker you! You f*ck me up over there I stick you in a hole in the desert!

But in the end we f*cked it all up. It should have been so sweet, too, but it turned out to be the last time that street guys like us, were ever given anything that f*ckin' valuable again.

You're f*cking warned. Don't ever go over my f*cking head again! You motherf*cker you!

What are you staring at you baldheaded Jew-prick?

I f*cked up, Frankie. I f*cked up good this time.

Charlie M, you make me pop your f*cking eye out of your head to protect that piece of shit! Charlie M, you dumb motherf*cker!!

This guy could f*ck up a cup of coffee.

Well, If I wanna talk private I gotta go to a f*cking buss stop.

If a guy f*cking tripped over a f*cking bananapeel, they'd bring me in for it.

You call your self a man? You know you're a lying lowlife motherf*cking degenerate prick. You know that's what you are?

F*ck me? F*ck me!? You motherf*cker! F*ck my mother?!

Hey! Be f*ckin' nice. Calm. Be nice. Don't f*ck up in here.


What the f*ck you lookin' at? C'mon, make that coffee to go. Let's go.

I'm funny how? I mean, I'm funny like a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh? I'm here to f*ckin' amuse you? How the f*ck am I funny? What the f*ck is so funny about me? Tell me, tell me what's funny.

I said no more shines. Maybe you didn't here about it, you've been away a long, didn't go up there and tell ya. I don't shine shoes no more.

(Hehehe!) Hey, you wanna laugh? This prick last week asked me to christen his kid. (Hahaha!)

We hit a deer and his paw or what do ya call it? (The paw..) The paw.. (The hoof.) The hoof got caught in that grill and I gotta, I gotta hack it off. (Oo.) Hey, ma, it's a sinn. You gotta leave it there, you know.

(No, Tommy, no, no) F*cking piece of shit! *stabbing sounds* Die, die! Look at me, look at my f*cking eyes, die! *bang* *bang* *bang*

Raging Bull

I try to f*ck anything.

It's a sick questions, you're a sick f*ck and I'm not that sick that I'm gonna answer it... I'm not telling you anything.

If you win you win, if you lose you still win.

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