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he biggest category. Over 160 movies to choose from. Mostly Hollywood-movies.

Actors & actresses

Long list of actors and actresses and even some other famous people, who are featured on this site.

TV Shows

Sound from TV-shows and series. Not that many of them so far.


Sounds from popular cartoons. South Park, The Simpsons and the like.


All the sounds that I don't recognize are here. If you recognize one, let me know.


Sounds that don't fit into any of the other categories, such as sounds from games, sound alerts, mixed wavs and just plain weird wavs.

Wise Words by Cool Men

This is what this wav site was originally all about: movie wavs said by the coolest of actors of today. From Steve Buscemi to Bruce Willis. Over 20 actors to choose from.

Famous One-liners

Movie one-liners, which are concireded to be the most memorable in film history.

System Sounds

Startup, Shutdown, Error, E-mail, Download, Alarm and Answering Machine sounds.

Insult Sounds

Offensive wavs. Pure insults. Lot of f-words. If you are a fragile person, stay away. Parental advisory advised.

Sound Links

A page with quite a few links to other wav-sites. You can submit a link here.

Top Sites

I have compiled detailed information of the top sites I have signed up with by giving them pros (+) and cons (-).


A list of names of people who have helped me with this site during the past 10 years.